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Practical Work : Control of power consumption
Records of power consumption curves

Holding the left mouse button down and moving it to the right or left, you can select a time zone to zoom (so along the X-axis). The vertical scale adapts automatically.
You can successive zooms, so gradually get more and more into the details of measures.
Then with the left button and holding down the 'shift' key you can scroll through the curves to the right and to the left by moving your mouse.
If you have a zoom lens, a button Reset zoom appears in the top right of the curves

If you change the date using the calendar. A new curve is plotted.
But not to have a blank display, consider making a Reset Zoom before (or after) you click a new date in the calendar.

All dates are written like dd/mm/yyyy.

The first curves were recorded on 01/01/2012 . You do not go before that date in the calendar.
The real-time registrations ceased on December 8, 2016 at 23:59. The last curves were therefore recorded on 08/12/2016 . You can not go beyond that date in the calendar.
If some dates are inaccessible, that is there was no data recorded that day (breakdown, maintenance, etc.).

To see the curves, click in the above schedule on the day of your choice!
To clear then reappear a curve, click on its name below plots !

The TechnoGrains

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