Energy demonstrator Valmoutier


Overall suburban Valmoutier two pavilions are equipped with temperature, humidity and measuring the consumed electric power sensors.
The pavilion A (A1 until June 2015, and A2 since October 2015) is more energy, while the Pavilion B is rather less.
The reasons are various:
- energy facilities or not (eg wood stove, CAP, ...),
- like radiators,
- family: two retirees or 4 people including 2 children,
- etc.

Galileo High School in Cergy, groups of three students prepare STIDD bachelor's degrees in the following fields:
- EE Electricity and Environment,
- AC: Architecture and Construction,
- SIN: Computer Systems and Digital
. These students will present projects in June during their baccalaureate exams, which will be based on measurements made in both pavilions.
The description of their project sheets is given in the appendix.
Identical groups have already submitted projects based on the study of Valmoutier energy renovation in July 2015 (see also Appendix).

A student of the University of Cergy-Pontoise, in the laboratories of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Mechanics and Materials of Civil Engineering, L2MGC, also worked on this project. He presented his degree memory in July 2015 (see Annex).

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Fluid version of the demonstrator, smartphone, tablet and desktop. V 1.6.2 updated 22/11/2016

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